B's the Weeks 3 and 4

B's the Terrible Teens

Now, that you have grown into your teens years and you have some insight about yourself and your environment,  you will make mistakes now and then. That's okay.
Now is the time to practice, practice and practice.  Like the jumping toothpick trick.
Younger children lack the coordination while teens and young adults learn with ease.
Either way, these two small wooden stick bring us together producing smiles at any age.
Taking younglings under your wing, produces effective offspring. On the other hand, hiding behind the parental immunity laws to socially neglect you offspring produces a burden on the community.
So children finding themselves in a disfavored and isolated from family should contact child welfare services. 
Don't except to win every time but participants allows you to focus your skills.
Learn from watching others who have overcome their  surroundings then pick from each individual to create your own unique style.
But you have to want it.

Life takes practice.  You didn't learn to talk or walk in a day. So give yourself a break.

For this 2 week period, practice, being kind to a stranger or your neighbor regardless of their rudeness. The exercise is to not mirror those person's hostilities.  Later in life once you conquer this social skill, you will be glad you did as you grow into a mature responsible adult.

May peace be with you though your travels in life and always.

Period 2: weeks 3 and 4 of the year.

Our Father never meant for you to raise yourself.
Peace be with us all.

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