A B C's Life Links

A B C's Live Links
Alternative Behavioral Coaching

The A B C's are the links in our lives, a kinder Chain of Knowledge. Here in you will find many ideas to which you can change your life. 

Each year of your life is divided up into 52 weeks. Each bi week you will focus on a new routine.  Each year has different needs. For example, from January 1st through the 14th you will work on achieving a new goal to enrich your life.

For those of you who are under 25 years of age these years are prime to learn the routine to transform yourself into a new productive person within our community.

There is no punishments here just yourself coaching with a plain. If you haven't achieved a goal then go back and link it into your life.

Each day of the 2 week period you will practice a new routine for at least 30 seconds 3 times a day. 

If you are trying to overcome bad thoughts then don't include them here. When those thoughts come up deal with them then. To change your life change your thought. Mentally wrap up that bad thought and put it in the trash can then walk away to take back your day. Leave the bad habit & thoughts and just walk away. This exercise should be followed up with a new idea routine at least 5 minutes of doing something else you enjoy.  This is the healthier choice. 

We love to live happy and the good life. We want the best for ourselves. We then strive for those goals. In this, you are welcome to customize your own 52 week periods to meet your own needs.

This blog is a cooperations between the blogger Delynn, the artist, and the creator of Denise, who both believe in a better way of thinking for a better way of life... because God never meant for children to raise themselves.


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Calendar, journal, dry wipe board, 
20 life link cards and 26 bi weekly agenda cards.