C's the Weeks 5 and 6

C's the Communication


Instead of competing with someone else, try competing with yourself.  Take something you haven't done and change it with something you need to do. Make a list. Keep a diary. *(Don't write things in a any way or form which are negative or hateful.)

So, this 2 week period, may vary by calendar year, focus on a new task. Let try communication. It is all about listening and responding at the write time.

Here is how to start a conversation with someone. Ask about their hobby or future events. Let them talk and you politely listen or knod your yes so they can see you are paying attention.
With other prospects, you may want to just nod your head because the elders don't like to be interrupted while their are talking.

At a parties, be sure to know a good job to share. Ask other if they know of a good joke.
Ask where have you traveled. Or state where you went and explain how much fun you had.

For this 2 week period, practice, practice, practice your new skill on other person in your family and friends. Always keep your conversation light and friendly. No politics, bad news etc.

Life takes practice.  You didn't learn to talk or walk in a day. So give yourself a break.
Later in life once you conquer these social skill, you will be glad you did as you grow into a mature responsible adult.

May peace be with you though your travels in life and always.

Period C: weeks 5 and 6 of the year.

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