A's the 1st and 2nd Weeks

A's  Beginning

In the most earliest days of our life, we are almost so similar.  But as we grow we become socially programmed. Meaning little girls grow up becoming submissive while little boys grow up to become dominate.

When mothers put their babies together side by side near by, they all have the moment of peace and unity without chaos etc.  These days are blisk and bright was the babies grown into young children.

Life takes practice.  You didn't learn to talk or walk in a day. So give yourself a break.

For this 2 week period, practice, take the time to reflect on your enfency. Remembering the blisk and peace brought by these times.

Lay quietly on your bed and clear your mind of all thoughts. Practice fading into the peace of the new life as you lay quietly.

Later in life once you conquer these social skill, you will be glad you did as you grow into a mature responsible adult.

May peace be with you though your travels in life and always.

Period 1: Week 1 and 2 of the first of the year.

Use this first 2 weeks of the news year to create a new you.
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