How It Works

How It Works

ABC's, alternative behavioral coaching, are the links in your life which make you wonderful.

There are 52 weeks in a year where you will use 26 in a biweekly manner to create a new goal or quite an old habit.

Use the calendar to mark your progress while using the 20 life link cards to note your 5 year goals and past achievements.
Use the 26 cards marked with biweekly to create your agenda and the journal to note your thoughts.

If you have not finished something, like an educations, this is a great way to start over. Just pick up the year you left off at.

This new year's resolutions, self life coaching, programs is set up with bank fields so you can full customize to your needs.

The ABC's come with 1 calendar, 1 journal, 20 life link by 5 years cards and 26 biweekly cards to use during the 52 weeks of the year.

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Calendar, journal, dry wipe board, 
20 life link cards and 26 bi weekly agenda cards.

View the entire customizable collection.
1 Annual calendar, 1 dry wipe board, 1 journal, 20 life link and 26 biweekly cards.